Alien Vegetation Eradication

Alien Vegetation Eradication - Njoli Windfarm 2015More
Kim’s Green Gardens ( KGG ) as a company has many years previous experience in the alien vegetation control and eradication in the Eastern Cape Midlands area. We decided to tender for the alien plant eradication work required on the Nojoli Windfarm situated on the Patryshoogde Road between Bedford and Cookhouse.  The main alien invader is the Opuntia species which is notoriously difficult to treat. A total assessment of density and cover was undertaken to understand the nature of the beast. In consultation with the EO and ECO on site, as well as DEA, a unique strategy was designed to successfully tackle the job on hand. This involved some machinery and staff were fully trained and equipped with safety gear to be compliant for this. The use of cochineal for this treatment was not suitable as the time frame is too short.  The use of poison needed to be limited and thus KGG has developed what we believe to be a targeted and safe approach designed to give the most efficient results for all concerned.

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