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KGG owners, Nadine and Kim, have always had the local community well being and education at heart. We offer school groups visits to the gardens, to the local community gardens and have suitable workshops available for them if required. Kim conducts food seed sowing workshops in local communities from time to and is involved in trying to secure sponsored seeds from corporates.
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Kim and Nadine are both on the committee for the Rosarium garden which is regarded as a museum for all old roses species ever brought to South Africa. This garden is housed in Bedford Village and features only indigenous underplanting with companion herbs for pest control  It is thus a teaching garden and open for workshops anytime. Local staff have been trained in this garden from time to time. The garden is registered with the international Rosa Societies bodies and is world renowned. Visitors are always welcome
Education - Chelsea Flower ShowMore
Kim has worked on 2 previous show garden builds at the Chelsea Flower show. One in 2012 and one in 2015. This experience was invaluable for her as a plants person. The learning curve was steep but the knowledge learnt and the logistics steps undertaken by Kim were to prove valuable in the work back in South Africa. Having planted over 20 000 plants in the two jobs and moved many cubic meters of earth, the logistics on these builds have prepared KGG to be able to tackle large scale jobs.
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KGG is currently involved on a mentorship and monitoring level with the senior school maths programmes being rolled out in the windfarm footprint area.  This involves networking with the programme owners, the roll out, the teachers and the logistics of all these aspects. We offer a supervisor, reporting, mentoring and monitoring service where we can in the district. Education of the youth in our area is important to us. Any form of education or skills impartment will be valuable and help shape the future generation.  We aim to grow this area of our business to incorporate other areas of education.

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