Alien Invasive Vegetation Eradication and Control

Kims Green Gardens (KGG) has first-hand knowledge on the significance Alien Vegetation control as both Kim and Nadine live in the Bedford area. They have been fighting this eradication for over thirty years. Angus Dixie, has joined the business and handles this side of operations. He is a certified Pest Control Applicator.

Kim, Nadine and Angus have attended all courses/modules offered by SAGIC on Alien Invasives. These courses ensure up to date information exchange on new legislation's. With recent emphasis on the new law requiring all municipalities to have Alien Invasive plant management plans in place (municipalities by October 2016). We are able to assist in developing these management plans.

The most common Alien Invasive in our area is the Opuntia species. Identification and removal of alien vegetation is an essential precursor to rehabilitation of any project site. KGG has developed a very effective method of removal and eradication which has been used successfully on one of the Wind farm footprints in the area. With the use of specialized machinery and trained staff the eradication process is swift and effective. while trying to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ongoing monitoring for possible new alien incursion is necessary throughout all phases of the process. The Alien vegetation is aggressive once disturbed so monitoring is essential.

We offer eradication, control and monitoring of the Alien Invasive species in our area.

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