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Kim’s Green Gardens is a company that believes that education of our youth in particular, is the key to unlock potential in all forms. We strive to make a difference where we can and are currently involved in a monitoring and support process with a large mathematics programme in our area. Our aim is to ensure all learners and educators have a support base and that any programme organiser can call on our services should they require monitoring or feedback. Both Nadine and Kim have lived in this area for over 30 years and thus we feel we understand the nature of the communities and can be of help.

KGG has been involved in imparting plants related skills to our staff and other local persons for many years and in particular with our work on the wind farm projects. KGG have from time to time offered plant related skills development workshops in rural communities.

KGG feels our staff have developed and grown not just in skills but as people and with pride over the last 4 years. They are now a cohesive unit, multi skilled that can operate various machinery along with specific plant skills.

Our ultimate goal would be to develop leaders and teachers within our staff structure so they will in turn be able to impart their knowledge to others in the community.

KGG would consider running plant specific workshops should this service be required.

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