Hydroseeding & Landscaping

Kim’s Green Gardens ( KGG ) Has successfully completed a hydroseeding section on the Amakhala Windfarm site. This requires knowing the vegetation of the area to assess the ultimate local grass seed mixture to be used. Additionally the timing of the sowing of said seed is crucial. Nadine and Kim of KGG know this area well and have been involved in local plants for many years. We have worked on an ideal grass seed mixture and have tested it on site. Germination is always dependant on weather conditions and rainfall but if the timing is adhered to then the seeding success rate should be good.

In addition to offering a hydroseeding service for large open veld conditions , KGG also offer indigenous landscaping planning and planting services. Over the years we have learnt where we can source ideal local indigenous plants for landscaping purposes. If we need to we are also in a position to propagate plants required and do offer a service for this purpose. KGG has been involved in large public parks landscaping operations working with over 200 staff for this project. Plants were all chosen for local optimisation and growing conditions. All soil preparation was done using eco friendly methods and only organic nutrients. Large swathes of trees, shrubs and groundcovers were used and included water wise practices and planting methods. Localised water run off was assessed and this was used to full advantage for the plants.

Some of the plants used in these projects include : many aloes, succulents, medicinally beneficial plants, edible plants and indigenous endemic trees, pelargoniums, hyaworthia, hypoxis and many other local bulbs and various mesems and trichadeadema. For the general landscaping parks there were various indigenous plants such as agapanthus, dietes, arums, gunnera, and many more. Plant skills were imparted to selected staff while others were involved in the general manual work of the sites. As a policy we at KGG include lessons of nature appreciation, plant skills impartment, and plant knowledge lessons as much as we can while working. Environmental awareness is key to our approach and we teach all who work with us as much as we know along the way.

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