Monitoring Services

Kim and Nadine from Kim’s Green Gardens have lived in this area for many years. We have seen many projects being facilitated over the years in our rural areas that over time have ended up failing. We believe this is due to a lack of sustainability studies coupled with a lack of longer term monitoring and feedback to the service providers.  We do feel most project neglect the need for monitoring on a longer term to ensure success.

KGG is a local company who are close to the ground and we believe we can make a difference. We do find that communications between various project owners, suppliers and eventually programme implementers is lacking. This leads to duplication in many areas all targeting the same population or group. We offer a service assisting in assessing where the current needs are, what has been done and where new projects could make the most impact.

Having been involved in alien vegetation eradication and control over the years, and being part of the farming community in the area, KGG sees a great need for long term monitoring of the potential spread of alien invasives. We have experience in controlling these plants and offer a service to monitor potential future spread. KGG is a registered Alien Plant controllers with DEA and have our pest control certificate.


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