Plant Holding Nursery

Kim’s Green Gardens ( KGG ) home is at the farm Albertvale situated 10 km from the village of Bedford out on the Patryshoogde road towards Cookhouse. This farm and the facility is within the total proposed windfarm footprint. This is important to the requirements of the EIA that all resued plants are to be held in a similar environment as to that they were found in. Preferrably using the same soil type, climatic conditions, prevailing winds, sunlight hours and aspects. Kim has lived at this farm for 30 years now and has trained people in nursery and plant nurturing skills over the years. Katie Plaatjies has become a leader in this aspect and is in charge of the facility under Kim’s guidance. Vuyo Nkau works on the premises too and is in charge of all watering and various aspects where he is needed.

All plants that cannot be immediately relocated to the site footprint for various reasons, are brought to this facility to be bagged and nurtured to full health again. All the staff are trained in plant relocation and translocation, repotting, root care, soil mixtures and planting of sensitive plants. The bags are collected in similar species and grouped according to climatic requirements in various areas of the facility. Some areas have more sun, some have less, some areas are frost free while others have more cold units. Plants are placed where they are best suited for at least 6 months until they are deemed ready for planting out again. Various species take differing lengths to reach this stage.

The facility is totally fenced for safety from browsing animals damage. There are windbreaks, water laid on, a storage shed, place for staff clothing and tools and various shade structure areas.

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