Plant Search and Rescue

Kim’s Green Gardens ( KGG ) has many years experience in working with plants in our Eastern Cape region. We understand the nature of procedures to be followed for the optimal success of a plant surviving removal and reintroduction. KGG has been involved in three main plant search and rescue operations in relation to the construction of the wind farms in our area over the last while. Each of these projects require our trained team and supervisors to assess the extent, species and conditions of the plant matter to be removed ahead of any construction operations. KGG owners, Nadine and Kim meet with the construction firm heads, ECO and EO’s and the EIA company botanist to conduct a walk through of the entire footprint. This team discusses the approach, the systems and the methods to be used by KGG to carry out the best possible plant rescue operation.

The entire staff along with the required equipment are all transported to site on the designated start date and work commences all on foot so the ground can be carefully combed with experienced eyes to find the red data and provincially protected plants as identified in the EIA documents. All plants are carefully removed and stored on site to go back to the holding facility later in the day. The documentation of where the plants are found, their habitat, aspect, surrounding plants, the numbers etc are all carefully noted. Plants are then planted into holding bags with the tried and tested soil and nutrient combination for optimal take. These plants are inspected and treated daily with trained staff to ascertain their required light, watering, pruning, stimulating and any other requirements as they regrow.

If the timing of removal is optimum then some plant species can be immediately relocated on the site which is identified with the ECO and EO on the site plan and in accordance with minimal disturbance and slope aspects and environmental issues taken into consideration.

KGG has had a very good take rate of removed and rescued plants over the years. The nursery is open for inspection at any time. The full team and supervisors are all experienced in their field of work.

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