Soil Rehabilitation

Kims’ Green Gardens ( KGG ) has been involved in soil and plant rehabilitation when working with the wind farm projects in the Eastern Cape. We are conscious of the eroding topography when rescuing the plants ahead of construction. Utmost care is taken not to accelerate erosion when working on any site. KGG has replaced all the plants on these projects in in doing so we have researched where they flourished and how they helped hold the soil . We concentrated on areas in need of rehabilitation that coincided with the plants original habitat. In all rehabilitated area KGG makes use of organic nutritional composts and where possible uses a mulching agent. Where the slope is extreme we will make use of geojute matting as a holding cover. Plants are planted through the matting in these cases.

Stones, bushes and existing branches are also used as erosion prevention methods. The plants are given a slight dip or hollow in which they are planted to hold any rains water that may fall. This also helps prevent run off pathways. Where additional, more drastic soil rehabilitation methods are required KGG assess the needs and will develop a suitable strategy which is site specific.

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