Staff Profiles

Angus Dixie

Angus has lived in Bedford all his life. He is a fifth generation farmer of Dixies in the area.

He has been farming for 30 years and has experience in all livestock breeding and trading. He has a passion for grasses and veld management.

He has attended many courses in this field namely: Grazing for Profit Course – Rcs Australia – Terry McKosker; Advanced Grazing for Profit, Introduction to Pasture Cropping & Carbon Sequestration; Carbon Link Course – RCS Australia Terry Mckosker; and the Business Link Course/Executive Link Course/Masterlink Course – Resource Consulting Services. He became a Trainer and held many courses on the Grazing for Profit Principles.

He joins our business to assist us in the Alien Invasive Plant Eradication, monitoring and Control side as this needs expertise, commitment and an inside understanding of the farmers concerns.

Angus has a passion for upliftment of people. He is a born trainer and mentor. He speaks fluent Xhosa and is a valuable member to our business.

He is a trained Pest Control Applicator and has attended the SAGIC Invasive Species Training modules.

Catherine Knox

Catherine Knox offers a consultancy service on small-scale organic edible food gardening, including a garden rescue service. She is currently rescuing and establishing a sustainable Chef's Garden in the 6 raised beds at the Duke of Bedford Inn.

Her Bedford-based project, Backyard Foodfarm, includes pop-up show gardens and a permanent experimental and demo garden on a village erf. She mounts a large demo garden at the Country Market during Bedford Garden Festival in October each year. (

Her brand, Spirit of the Garden, is reserved for art, garden and food photography, publications and merchandise all designed to convey information and encourage edible gardening. This project also produces the interpretative material for the demo gardens.

Her knowledge of organic food growing dates back to her childhood - she grew up on a pioneer organic farm in the Natal Midlands (Faber's Hill Herb Farm).; com 0829328864; Facebook: Backyard Foodfarm.

Katie Plaatjies

Katie has been at Albertvale Farm since 1986 and has been trained in most aspects of the operations. Katie is in charge of the entire holding facility maintenance programme and has extensive experience in plant propagation and care.

Katie is locally born in Bedford and is permanently employed at Albertvale. She is an integral part of the business and we plan to grow her involvement at a management level through time.

Lungisa Mgoqi

Lungisa has been appointed the team leader and spokesperson for the group of staff involved with KGG. He is a local person who shows great potential as a leader as well as having mechanical and handiwork skills that are invaluable to us.

We envisage assisting him to develop further by training him is driving and machine handling skills. He has prior alien plant eradication experience in the field. He has his full valid medical certificate.

Sandile Xalanga

He has shown commitment to KGG over the last 2 years and is keen to learn further. He is fully trained in plant search and rescue and plant maintenance areas. He is always pleasant and polite.

He has potential to learn much more and to take a leadership role in the future. Sandile has valuable experience in the eradication of alien plant invasives in the Bedford district. Sandile has a valid medical certificate in place.

Stembisa Mxadana

He is a hard worker and strong. He has a cheerful character always with a friendly laugh for the team. He knows the plants well now and is fully involved in the soil mixtures, the compost and general plant maintenance.

He will also be trained further as a leader in alien plant control where he has shown great potential. He has passed his full medical.

Olwethu Zake

A youngster of the team with enthusiasm and will to work. Ollie has shown he is keen to be trained and has done very well in the plant search and rescue side of the business. He has a keen eye and knows all the plants to look for.

Ollie works hard and knows the nursery maintenance plan. He also has first hand experience in alien plant eradication in the field which will be utilised more in the future. He has his Medical certificate in place and is considered fit to work.

Thembalethu Quza

He is fairly new to the team although he has worked in Kim’s garden for many years. He shows keen plant skills and knows the plant identification types.

He knows plant maintenance and is currently being trained in plant seach and rescue. He has been part of the Alien plant eradication team for the past year. Themba has passed his full Medical with Life Medical.

Athenkosi (Mabuti) Mgoqi

He has just joined the team as a young man from Bedford area. He has passed his medical with a clean bill of health and is pleasant in all aspects and keen to work. He is being trained by Lungisa in plant skills and has worked a few times on the Alien plant control team.

He shows potential for the future but is currently a trainee and will be supervised at all times by KGG in the field.

Vuyo Nkau

He is employed full time on the Albertvale premises as a gardener in charge of the open gardens for the Bedford Garden Festival. He propagates plants for sale at the show and has integral knowledge of all plant matters on the premises.

He too has his full medical in place and is inducted to work with windfarm plants especially in the nursery and holding facility areas. He is knowledgeable and has a very pleasant nature.

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